What is PPA Committee?

PPA Committee is high-profile network born in 2019 to promote the Italian way to Renewable PPAs. The PPA Committee comprises several companies active in all segments of the electricity market: producers, utilities, traders, funds, banks, and consumer companies with substantial energy volumes. The goal is to deepen the technological, merchandising and regulatory conditions that are at the basis of the development of Renewable PPAs in Italy, and the world. PPA Committee is an initiative of Public Affairs Advisors, a consulting company specialized in public affairs, REF-E, a consulting company specialized in energy markets, and the legal firm Herbert Smith Freehills. The work promoted by the PPA Committee aims at a real, useful and proactive contribution towards the efficient and quick realization of the energy policy objectives in our Country.

The promoters

Reasons for an Italian PPA Committee

PPA Committee proposes a constructive exchange between operators whose demands are different but at the same time synergistic:

  • large energy consumers intend to achieve greater energy prices stability and to make and communicate a green choice;
  • energy producers aim to stabilize the revenues of the new market parity projects;
  • financial players need legislative and regulatory clarity;
  • investors are looking for new business opportunities.

The Committee, because of the transversal background of its partners, aims to become a reference for those who intend to operate in the Italian PPA market and want to investigate the risks and opportunities connected to the specific nature of the organization, structure and market trends, of the industrial fabric and the regulatory, accounting and tax contexts.

The way

PPA Committee’s research objective is to stimulate debate and contribute to an increase in knowledge for all stakeholders by sharing different issues and possible solutions. The work is led by the independent experts at REF-E, Herbert Smith Freehills and Public Affairs Advisors.

Our goal is to build a common and shared path that satisfies all the market parties involved.

PPA Committee’s path takes place in 2020 through a cycle of meetings:

One initial Round Table.

Four reserved thematic seminars aimed at exploring contractual and regulatory issues, diverse risks, international experiences, policy and regulatory proposals.

One final public conference with the presentation of the final Report.

PPA Committee’s partners